Are you leveraging the most UNDERUTILIZED TOOL for improving life satisfaction and increasing happiness?
or Are you SETTLING for a life of mediocrity?

Your mindset is 100 percent responsible for the outcomes in your life. This truth will open your eyes in a brand-new way and to a brand-new world: Living a life of Gratitude.  




In the The Gratitude Effect you will dramatically increase your personal wellbeing, shift your mindset, optimize your outcomes, and boost your physical and emotional wellbeing in life.

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Author and personal development coach Rich Cavaness shows you how to—
• Have the power to determine the direction of your thoughts and your life
• Reframe your past so you can be grateful for where you are today
• Boost physical, emotional, and mental well-being
• Understand that your overall happiness is directly connected to this effect
• Apply the seven principles of being thankful in your everyday life
• Fend off the negative activities that prevent being grateful

Through sharing real-life stories and practical teaching points, Rich gives you the tools you need to live your life in gratitude—the catalyst for a positive mental attitude—starting now!

Rich Cavaness is a recognized trainer, teacher and coach in the field of personal development and achievement. He is a Certified Master Coach Practitioner with the Certified Coaches Federation. Rich’s diverse experience, including business ownership, self-employment, management, sales, and ministry experience, has provided him with a broad understanding of many life issues faced today.

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“What makes The Gratitude Effect so much different from all the other books out there on this topic is its totality of information and how that information applies to every area of life. I really liked the way that Rich challenged us at the end of each chapter to apply the principles. Personally, I benefited greatly from reading this book in understanding what Gratitude really is, the importance of it in my life, and the steps needed to make it a more prominent part of my daily life. I highly recommend employers share this book with employees as it could be a culture changer for your business. This is a book to be added to everyone’s reading list as a Must Read!”

Bill Wallace

Founder and CEO, Success North Dallas

“Gratitude is one of the most powerful perspectives in the world. The Gratitude Effect
will give you the knowledge to develop more gratitude in your life through the thought
provoking exercise throughout the book. I highly recommend this book!”

Derrick Sweet

Chairman, Healthy Wealthy and Wise Corporation

“A life WITHOUT gratitude is a life WITH grief. Today—more than ever—we need a blueprint for what it means to experience gratitude on a daily basis. Rich Cavaness shows us the proven path for shifting our mindset, optimizing our outcomes, and boosting our emotional wellbeing. Read this book. You’ll be grateful you did.”

Kary Oberbrunner

Author of Day Job to Dream Job, Elixir Project, and Your Secret Name

“Gratitude is the catalyst that fuels a positive mental attitude.  By encouraging us to stay focused on the good things we already have in our my lives, Rich Cavaness expertly brings out the incredible power gratitude has to boost our emotional well being   If you are serious about having a more positive perspective on life, I highly recommend you read this book!”

Dean Lindsay

Author of How to How to Achieve Big PHAT Goals

 “When we desire change in our lives, the place to begin the work is within us. The Gratitude Effect provides you with the tools and insights to cultivate a sense of gratitude from which you can achieve anything. Rich Cavaness will be your guide and coach along a journey of self-discovery, so you can begin the process of creating the life you’ve always dreamed of. I strongly recommend this book to anyone seeking the best version of themselves.”

Rod Macdonald

CEO Certified Coaches Federation and Founder of Indestructible Human Coaching

Hi, I’m Rich Cavaness – Life and Professional Growth Specialist

Rich Cavaness is best known as a popular author, trainer, and coach in the field of success and personal development.  He is a Master in his areas of expertise are teaching the 17 Principles of Success by Napoleon Hill, personal development and training, helping individuals with divorce and marriage issues, and his passion is the Monthly Wisdom Program, which is a monthly group coaching experience partnering with Derrick Sweet, Founder of the Certified Coaches Federation.

Rich has authored four books, two seminar manuals, and produced the 16 sessions seminar “Living a No Limits Life.”  And the 12 session seminar for people struggling with divorce and marriage issues “E5 Marriage Experience”  His books are as follows:

“Life After 9/11: ‘Five Spiritual Lessons”

“Decoding the Secret: The Law of Attraction from a Biblical Perspective” and Study Guide

“Gratitude: The Power of Thanksgiving in Our Lives”

“The Road: A Powerful Life Changing Experience”

“All Power 60 Day Personal Development and Coaching Manual”

“The E5 Marriage Experience Seminar Workbook”

Prior to starting in the personal development and coaching business, Rich actually received a college degree in Ski Instruction/Coaching and was a Ski School Director at a Washington State Ski Area.  He has owned and operated his own Insurance Agency, was an ordained minister and pastored several churches, was a partner in a Bible based personal development company, helped auto dealerships in Las Vegas with hiring and sales training, and has been an Executive Director for non-profit organization.  Since 2011 he has helped a Dallas, TX based construction company with project management, marketing, and business development and they have increased project sales by 80% during that time. He is currently a  Certified Master Coach Practitioner through the Certified Coaches Federation and he facilitates through the Certified Coaches Federation the Level 1 Life Coach Training Courses in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego areas.

With his unique blend of business and motivational savvy, coupled with his spiritual depth, Rich empowers people to take personal responsibility for their lives, to achieve more and to be a person who lives life with purpose and passion. His philosophy is, “Why live a good or mediocre life, when you have the power to live a great and no limits life!”

Rich has the unique and powerful ability to take any topic and make it easy for people to understand and apply to their lives. He teaches people today how to master the important areas of their lives: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and relationally.

Telephone: 214-924-5693